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SVC follows in trend of student-made software designed for helping campuses

November 20, 2014 at 6:23 pm 0 comments

One of the most stressful parts of the semester for many Saint Vincent College students is the great labyrinth known as scheduling, recently experienced here earlier this November and in late October. As they do twice each year, SVC students lined up on the portal at midnight and hoped for the best in the scramble for classes. Some got their desired schedules, others were placed on the dreaded waitlist and still more faced the “blue wheel of death,” which appears on screen as the Internet crashes from the temporarily high traffic.   Imagine, however, that there was an app or program that would help students browse and register for classes without the stress and complications of the portal. That sort of idea has become a reality at a growing number of colleges and universities nationwide, according to an Aug. 28 New York Times article.   At Rutgers University, explained theRead More

Selfie-taking may be shifting societal norms

Selfie-taking may be shifting societal norms

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The recent release of the Apple iPhone 6 in September may mark the continuation of a slow technological shift for society. As smart phones become the new status quo for cell phone users, more people have the ability to photograph and record, which opens up a host of potential issues for societal standards. Most people who have social media accounts will often open their newsfeeds and see a flood of close-up photos of their friends, sometimes on a daily basis. The trendy and possibly narcissistic phenomenon of “taking selfies” has swept the social media world and popular culture. The word “selfie” is the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013, further demonstrating how snapping pictures of oneself, in several different locations and perhaps with several different people, has become a regular pastime in technological society. The activity has even become something of an extreme sport. YouTube is filled with recordingsRead More

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Thinking positive thoughts at SVC

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A casual glance at any news source, including this one, makes it evident that the world has a terrible, nasty habit of not being such a nice place. The world, both near and far, is rampant with great sadness and struggles from many different sources, both natural and humanly caused. But the world is a mixed bag. There are plenty of good things, too; and whenever the good things do come along, particular pleasure should be taken in grasping an appreciation of them. Life is never, ever perfect; but, during those times when, in a certain light, it seems pretty close, you’ve gotta tip your hat to those good things. It won’t replace all the bad things, but it can provide balance, hope, inspiration and a solid foundation to expand upon. Campus has lately been home to a number of pleasant things. One source of great excitement is the apparentRead More

Steps were renovated outside of Rooney Hall. (Photo by Rachel DeNino)

Campus-wide improvements made over the summer

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Over this past summer, Saint Vincent underwent campus-wide renovations by the Facility Management Office, while the Information Technology department upgraded technology for student use. A basketball court was also constructed near Saint Benedict Hall. Several sets of steps were removed and replaced around campus. FMO replaced six sets in front of Rooney Hall and two sets behind it, one set leading up to parking lot Q and another set outside of Bonaventure Hall. FMO also repaired broken concrete and installed a new railing leading from Saint Benedict Hall to the baseball field. The steps in front of Wimmer Hall were also patched up. Skyline Drive, the path from Lot A up toward Alfred Hall, had new concrete and new lighting measures installed to improve safety, and new crosswalks were painted in front of the chapel. These improvements were all funded through capital expenses. The steam line from the Carey CenterRead More

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For what seemed like the span of an average round of the infamous mobile app game, Flappy Bird was on top of the App Store and Google Play free app charts. Then, on February 9, its creator, the Vietnamese 29-year-old Dong Nguyen, pulled it from app stores. The loss of the game, which was said by The Verge to have been making about $50,000 a day through in-game advertisements, has left an incredibly annoying bird-sized gap in both the Android and iOS stores, which many knockoffs and clones have since rushed to fill. The game was released by Vietnam-based game developer .GEARS on March 24, 2013 for iOS, but did not make waves until December 2013 and January 2014. It was released for Android on January 30, around the time that it was reaching its peak of downloads. The Android version of the game was downloaded up to 50 millionRead More


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On February 13, 2012, Comcast agreed to buy out Time Warner Cable for $45 billion in a deal that would combine the two biggest cable companies in the United States. While the merger has not yet been submitted or approved by the Federal Communications Commission, if it is approved Comcast will add 11 million new subscribers to their current 22 million customers and Comcast will effectively control a third of all cable subscribers in the United States. The Comcast merger will increase Comcast’s reach into new cities that were previously controlled by Time Warner and build a customer base that can compete against Verizon and Dish. Worries of the merger creating a monopoly has been a prime concern of market analyzers, and since both companies control cable, phone, Internet and content creators such as HBO, Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros. Entertainment, the merger promises to have short term and long-lastingRead More