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New minors create more educational opportunities

September 26, 2014 at 2:32 am 2 comments

This semester, Saint Vincent College has added four new minors, three of which are in the criminology department. These three minors fall into three subcategories of forensics: computer security, financial investigations and natural science. The learning objectives for the forensics minors state that the “field of forensics is a growing and dynamic one” that has expanded beyond merely gathering data at crime scenes. The new minors are meant to provide students with the understanding they will need in the developing field. The forensic studies minors will give students the knowledge of specialized areas so they may work with agents and attorneys to carry out justice in these specific areas. The minors do not make the student a specialist, but provide them with a working understanding of how their specific discipline is involved in the overall criminal justice system. Students in the “forensic studies–computer security” minor must take courses in criminology,Read More

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Saint Benedict Hall security system malfunctions after storm

September 24, 2014 at 10:17 pm 0 comments

The security system in Saint Benedict Hall stopped working properly after a storm on September 6. Alarms sounded continuously from several of the pods in the building. In response to the malfunction, Facility Management Office deactivated the ID scanners, which control the locking and unlocking of the doors and sound an alarm if necessary. With the scanners disconnected, the doors stopped automatically locking. “Absolutely anyone that pulled on a handle anywhere in the building could get inside without an issue,” said senior Saint Benedict Hall prefect Dani Catalano. Freshman Courtney Patterson agreed, “It was kind of weird that anyone, even non-students, [could enter] right into your pod if they wanted.” The Coordinator of Resident Life and Saint Benedict Hall Resident Hall Director Jamie Kensinger worked with the Facility Management Office and the prefects to get the security system working properly again. “All the prefects were working together to fix theRead More

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February 10, 2014 at 9:50 pm 0 comments

“We truly value our relationship with you, our guests, and know this incident had a significant impact on you,” reads a message displayed on the Target website. It goes on, “We are sorry. We remain focused on addressing your questions and concerns.” The message also assures that no social security numbers were compromised. This message was prompted by a series of cybercrimes that compromised Target customers’ credit card information. While Target was the largest hit, the hackers also infiltrated other companies, including some major hotel chains. It is still unclear how far the breach extended. The Washington Post reported that a Target executive told Congress that they were still unsure how to protect customers from these threats. Anti-virus software can do little to prevent this, or even to detect it. It was the government which originally discovered the issue. Many news sources have reported that the hacker at fault is fromRead More