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The Games of the Twenty-Second Winter Olympiad in Sochi, Russia spanned seventeen days from opening to closing ceremonies. Broken down into hundredths of seconds on the speed skating oval and the luge and bobsleds runs, or targets hit or missed on the biathlon course, those days became a collection of memories, records  and classic moments that made this edition of the games particularly memorable. From the start there were many critics of the International Olympic Committee’s choice of Sochi as a host city. Dubbed “Vladimir Putin’s Games” by the media, Sochi was rapidly becoming known for its shortcomings: unfinished team hotels, a significant stray dog population, malfunctioning elevators and the necessity of missile defense systems to name a few. Looking to shake this negative persona, Russia put on a spectacle of sight and sound in its opening ceremonies, showcasing Russian history and its great contributions to society. The ceremony culminatedRead More


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Prefects and residence hall officials in Rooney Hall recently ran a series of events called the Rooney Games, which started February 6 as a celebration of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics to encourage bonding and community among residents. To kick off the celebration, opening ceremonies consisted of Rooney’s monthly Rooney House of Pancakes (RHOP) event, in which pancakes were served to Rooney residents and Olympic music was played. Teams were assembled consisting of four to eight people each. Teams chose a country to represent and made that country’s flag using a pillowcase. All Rooney Hall residents were allowed to participate. Countries represented during the event were the United States, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Cameroon, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Kazakhstan and Israel. Teams that attended the Activity Programming Board’s screening of the Olympics in the Carey Center received bonus points, plus more if they were accompanied by their flag. “The teamsRead More


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Openly gay athletes serve as US delegation to Olympics The XXII Olympic Winter Games are scheduled to begin on February 7 in Sochi, Russia. In December, President Obama announced that he would not be attending the Olympics. Instead, he assembled a delegation that does not include his vice president or even a cabinet secretary. Some tension with host Russia has characterized the anticipation of the games. The Washington Times reported that State Department officials said that Russia has repeatedly violated the terms of an arms treaty that has been in place since Ronald Reagan was in office. There has also been increased tension from both Russia harboring Edward Snowden, who leaked confidential NSA information, and disagreements over the situation in Syria. Obama has stated that he is not attending because of a busy schedule in Washington, but his absence from the Olympics is likely meant to send a message toRead More