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Lecture discusses different perspectives of Catholic and Islamic views

Lecture discusses different perspectives of Catholic and Islamic views

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On Wednesday, Feb. 25, the lecture “Freedom of Expression Vs. Respect for the Sacred” was held in the Fred Rogers Center. The lecture was sponsored by the McKenna School, with the purpose of analyzing “Christian and Muslim views on the relationship between free expression and sacred religious values in a constantly changing technological world.” The event was free and open to the public. Speakers included Fr. Tom Hart, a Saint Vincent College theology instructor, and Dr. Sebnem Unlu, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor in the department of medical genetics in the school of medicine at Turgut Ozal University in Ankara, Turkey. In the past, Unlu was a research instructor at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. After an introduction by Dr. Bradley C.S. Watson, professor of politics and Philip M. McKenna chair in American and Western Political Thought, Hart began the lecture with his presentation. The presentation was organized chronologically, beginningRead More

LEARN Speakers Prize Tickets offer incentives for underclassmen for top housing tickets, seniors for graduation seating and commuters for parking spots.

LEARN lectures bring lottery chances, important messages

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This is the third consecutive year that chances to receive tickets for priority housing, graduation seating and commuter parking space have been included with the annual LEARN Speaker Series at Saint Vincent College. One of each ticket is randomly awarded at each of the four sessions of the series. Upon arriving to a lecture in the series, students are given a ticket that is entered in a raffle for each class: freshman through juniors are entered into one of three housing ticket lotteries by class, seniors are entered into the priority graduation seating lottery and commuters are entered into the parking space lottery. At the end of the event, a ticket is drawn from each individual lottery. “Hello everybody, thank you for attending the … LEARN Speaker Series,” said the student who introduced the speaker at one of the lectures, following the speaker’s talk. A moment later the student quipped,Read More

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Captain Richard Phillips gives lecture at SVC

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On Oct. 23, SVC was visited by retired sea captain Richard Phillips, the man in charge of the cargo ship Maersk Alabama during its famous hijacking by Somali pirates in April 2009, an ordeal dramatized in the critically-acclaimed 2013 film “Captain Phillips,” starring Tom Hanks. Phillips’ day on campus culminated with a lecture in the Carey Center gymnasium that evening. Phillips spoke before a sold-out crowd of more than 700 people in the Carey Center gymnasium, as part of the Campus Life and SGA “New Horizons” series of lectures. He gave his speech from a tastefully decorated stage and was aided by video projectors which provided photos and maps to underscore his main points. Phillips recounted the details of his ordeal at sea, but also said he wanted to impart three main points to the audience: “You are much stronger than you know; nothing is over till you quit; andRead More

Civitas Forum brings controversy and debate about immigration to Rogers Center

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On Oct. 8, the Saint Vincent College Center for Political and Economic Thought (CPET), a lecture series sponsored by the McKenna School of Business, Economics, and Government, hosted its annual Civitas Forum on Principles and Policies for Public Life. For four hours that morning at the Fred Rogers Center, four distinguished speakers offered lectures and inspired vigorous debate among the crowd over this year’s topic, “Making Americans: Immigration in the Twenty-First Century.” Mike Gonzalez of the Heritage Foundation delivered the first lecture, which was entitled “Breaking the Liberal Monopoly on Hispanic Americans,” in which he discussed how he believed the Republican Party could garner a larger share of the historically Democratic-leaning Hispanic demographic. The main thrust of Gonzalez’s speech, according to senior business major Dan Schwoegl, was the assertion that the Democratic Party appeals to the politics of division by making Hispanic-Americans think in an “us vs. them” mentality. SchwoeglRead More

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Lecture series discusses aging in context of religions

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The Saint Vincent School of Social Sciences, Communication and Education has been bringing in speakers to discuss aging with the public since 2010, as part of the school’s lecture series on Aging and Spirituality. The most recent lecture, held on Oct. 15, centered on aging in light of the Mormon faith. The lecture series on aging was started in September of 2010 by Fr. Vernon Holtz, O.S.B., and Br. Ben Janecko, O.S.B. They started the series to help people deal with and understand any conflicts they may face with middle age. Holtz and Janecko gave three lectures about different topics related to aging or spirituality. The next semester, the series grew larger and brought in speakers from outside the Saint Vincent College faculty. One outside speaker from the spring semester of 2011 was Mother Mary Anne Noll from Saint Emma’s Monastery. Noll, according to Dr. Mary Beth Spore, dean ofRead More

Jim Keady, director of Educating for Justice, Inc.


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Students gathered in the Rogers Center February 6 to hear the second speaker in the Student Affairs LEARN Speakers Series, Jim Keady, speak about Nike’s use of sweatshops and the responsibilities of Catholic social justice. Keady, who has spent a decade on this cause, was brought to campus by SVC’s Sociology Club. “Many people ask questions: ‘What is it like to live on sweatshop wages in developing countries?’” said senior Leigha Critchfield, president of Sociology Club, as she introduced Keady. “Jim Keady found out.” Keady founded the company Educating for Justice and works to improve Nike’s treatment of workers employed in its subcontracted factories in Indonesia. During his talk, he acknowledged that all major companies utilize sweatshop practices, and that “90-95% of the clothes and shoes that you’re wearing right now were made in sweatshop conditions.” He explained that he targets Nike’s work in Indonesia because they are a “trans-nationalRead More