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Bearcat football breaks streak with four wins

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The Bearcat football team gained momentum this season with new coach, Ron Dolciato, who led the team to a season of four wins and six losses, with some upsets along the way. The 2014 season began with a staffing change, as Saint Vincent College welcomed new head coach Dolciato. For 27 years, Dolciato coached at John Carroll University as an assistant coach and the associate head coach and offensive coordinator. Dolciato brought to Saint Vincent a staff that had all previously coached at colleges and universities that were successful in Division III football. This staff helped the Bearcats defeat four different colleges and universities this season. The first win the Bearcats had this season was a home game against Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) on Sept. 20. The Bearcats beat Case Western 23-20. Senior Morgan Porter made a 31 yard field goal in the first quarter to give the BearcatsRead More

Homecoming Weekend 2014

Homecoming Weekend 2014

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NFL week 4: Steelers sign Harrison, play Tampa Bay

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On Sunday, Sept. 28, the Pittsburgh Steelers faced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Heinz Field. They entered week four of the NFL season with a 2-1 record, after defeating the Carolina Panthers with a score of 37-19. They left week four with a 2-2 record, after losing to the Buccaneers 27-24. So far, the Steelers have played two division games, winning against the Cleveland Browns and losing to the Baltimore Ravens in week two. “We’re looking at two different teams right now,” said junior Michael Barron, blogger for The NFL Goal Line. “We started out great against Cleveland but in the second half we looked awful.” Then the Steelers handed the Ravens a win during their week two game. “They lost a lot of momentum early on,” said Barron. “Our offense really struggled to get going. They didn’t look very good.” As of this week, three Steelers players are injured.Read More

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SVC Football looks ahead after first win in 2 years

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On Saturday, Sept. 20, the Saint Vincent College football team won their first game since 2011 against Case Western Reserve University. Following his first win as the Bearcats’ head coach, Ron Dolciato looks to continue to improve upon this victory. The past two seasons, the Bearcats have been winless. Coached by Bob Colbert, the last time SVC won a game was in 2011 when the Bearcats went 6-5 and appeared in the ECAC Southwest Bowl. This season, the Bearcats will run a no-huddle, hurry-up style of offense similar to that of the Auburn University Tigers. However, the offense is not necessarily the focus of this season’s team. Dolciato said, “We play our best players on special teams.” In fact, the focus on special teams has earned two Bearcats, senior defensive back Darius Brown and senior kicker Morgan Porter, back-to-back special teams player of the week awards. The Bearcats’ first gameRead More

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Thinking positive thoughts at SVC

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A casual glance at any news source, including this one, makes it evident that the world has a terrible, nasty habit of not being such a nice place. The world, both near and far, is rampant with great sadness and struggles from many different sources, both natural and humanly caused. But the world is a mixed bag. There are plenty of good things, too; and whenever the good things do come along, particular pleasure should be taken in grasping an appreciation of them. Life is never, ever perfect; but, during those times when, in a certain light, it seems pretty close, you’ve gotta tip your hat to those good things. It won’t replace all the bad things, but it can provide balance, hope, inspiration and a solid foundation to expand upon. Campus has lately been home to a number of pleasant things. One source of great excitement is the apparentRead More

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Former Steelers’ head coach Chuck Noll dies, SVC reacts

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In 2009, Saint Vincent College dedicated its football field in honor of the influential coach Chuck Noll. On June 13, the former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach died of natural causes at his home in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, at the age of 82. Noll served as the Steelers’ head coach from 1969 to 1991, leading the team to four Super Bowl victories. Noll currently has the most Super Bowl wins of any head coach in National Football League history. He helped the Steelers develop into one of the most accomplished and beloved franchises in the NFL. Before he served as the Steelers’ head coach, the team only saw one playoff game in 34 years, with no championship titles to their name. Under Noll, the Steelers entered the NFL playoffs 12 times, seeing eight consecutive playoff appearances from 1972-1979, with a .667 win-loss playoff percentage overall. Noll maintained a 193-148 win-loss record withRead More


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Seattle Seahawks defeat Denver Broncos, 43-8 Steve Sabol, the late founder of NFL Films, once said, “Life is great. Football is better,” and there is perhaps no better description of the feeling many Americans have for Super Bowl Sunday. It’s not just a football game; it’s an experience, a celebration of our collective interests as a nation, a four-and-a-half-hour break from everyday life and our country’s favorite unofficial holiday. This year’s edition was unique in a number of ways, primarily because the NFL decided that Super Bowl XLVIII would go on Broadway, as the game between the NFC’s Seattle Seahawks and the AFC’s Denver Broncos would be hosted by New York City and be played just across the Hudson River in East Rutherford, New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. New York became the first-ever cold weather city to host a football game outdoors that is typically played in cities like Jacksonville, TampaRead More



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Dociato takes position after Bearcat’s 0-10 losing season After a long succession of losing seasons, Saint Vincent College has made the decision to bring in a new head football coach. On January 10, Ron Dolciato was announced as the new head coach of the Bearcat Football program. Dolciato comes to SVC from John Carroll University (JCU) in Ohio, where he was the associate head coach and offensive coordinator. Dolciato enjoyed great success at JCU, where he had 19 winning seasons in his 24-year career. Since 2001, Dolciato’s offensive unit set two national offensive records as well as 59 individual and team records. In 2011 he was named the Ohio Athletic Conference Assistant Coach of the Year and in 2002 the Ohio Chapter of the National Football Foundation named him Assistant Football Coach of the Year. Dolciato holds a doctorate in administration and leadership in higher education from Capella University andRead More