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EDITORIAL: Procrastination – how not to do it

EDITORIAL: Procrastination – how not to do it

March 11, 2015 at 9:10 pm 0 comments

With the end of midterms, the rest of the semester is going to melt away in front of us like snow in the sun. After a few more months of projects, tests, study and work, whoosh–the semester has evaporated. Getting from here to there isn’t always that easy, though. So, while “The Review” continues its investigative series of Health and Fitness opportunities on campus, let us discuss the health and fitness of mind and spirit required to successfully navigate through the busy schedule of a college student. Hang on–it’s about to get real “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” real quick. First off, it seems a good frame of mind is key. In his book “The Happiness Advantage,” Shawn Achor stated that doctors in a positive mood made accurate diagnoses 19 percent faster than those who were in a neutral mood; they also demonstrated more creativity. Not only that, but DanielRead More

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News gets around – but by print or pixel?

February 27, 2015 at 9:51 pm 0 comments

     In not so new news, Saint Vincent’s student-run news source, “The Review,” has moved to an online format. If we may report on ourselves for a bit, let us say that we like to think that we are heading in the right direction. As a primarily online newspaper, we may now utilize video, more color photographs, links to more information and comments to encourage open discussion. In addition, presenting the news in pixels instead of print not only saves money but also enables the news to travel faster and farther. The content is more easily accessible, sharable, findable and searchable. In short, it is very, very able. This is why it might seem like the most prudent decision to jump ship from the sinking newsprint onto the safety of the online readership. It’s no secret that less printed newspapers are being sold these days, and that the industry isRead More

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Looking forward to a year of Christmas

January 22, 2015 at 9:39 pm 0 comments

Here we are, a month after Christmas. We ate the ham and drank the eggnog, we hung the stockings and gathered with family, we slogged through the stores in the holiday rush… but now, the snow has settled, and it’s time for jolly old Saint Nicholas to hit the beach for some well-deserved R & R. The stores have packed up the decorations, the lights are coming down, we’ve finished all the gingerbread and school is back in swing. It was a fun break, and it came just in the nick of time. Many of us decorated with brightly colored lights, candy canes, Santas and other symbols that demonstrated that we supported and participated in the values of the season. We participate in these values of care, giving, sharing and goodwill in our own ways, of course; but when one sees that wreath or bow on the door to aRead More

As if the ’90s were really all that

December 6, 2014 at 2:43 am 0 comments

There’s no escaping it… and TV, Internet and radio all just intensify it. It’s nostalgia: that bittersweet longing for those warm and smiling bygone days that can never come again. Memories, like talking with friends by the lockers in high school, or watching Saturday morning cartoons, listening to a song or hanging with friends in our freshman pod, hold a special place in our hearts. Many enjoy the hodgepodge emotions these memories create, the strange feeling of both happiness for a memory and sadness for its passing. Yet, in the same way that some people’s eyes tear up listening to Vitamin C’s song “Graduation” while others’ eyes simply roll, people have differing reactions to nostalgia. Some have no desire to think about it, some enjoy looking back and some people can get darn near crippled wishing the good old days would return. There are observers, though, who suggest that theRead More

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Listening to our fears

November 6, 2014 at 4:11 am 0 comments

Halloween has come and gone, and we all got our fill of haunted houses and monster movie marathons with spooks and specters of every size, color and MPAA rating. There’s no time like Halloween to remind us that there is a lot of scary stuff in the world; and if scary movies have taught us anything, it’s that the scariest fear we can face is that of the unknown. After all, the scariest monsters are always the ones we cannot fathom, or explain, or justify. The ones whose intentions are completely foreign to us, whose origins are beyond our comprehension. With nothing to go on, we have no idea how to defend ourselves. That’s why the monster scariest while it is still left mainly to the imagination; not long after the big reveal, after the beast has taken corporeal form in our minds, we can start rationalizing it, understanding it,Read More

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Thinking positive thoughts at SVC

October 3, 2014 at 1:42 am 0 comments

A casual glance at any news source, including this one, makes it evident that the world has a terrible, nasty habit of not being such a nice place. The world, both near and far, is rampant with great sadness and struggles from many different sources, both natural and humanly caused. But the world is a mixed bag. There are plenty of good things, too; and whenever the good things do come along, particular pleasure should be taken in grasping an appreciation of them. Life is never, ever perfect; but, during those times when, in a certain light, it seems pretty close, you’ve gotta tip your hat to those good things. It won’t replace all the bad things, but it can provide balance, hope, inspiration and a solid foundation to expand upon. Campus has lately been home to a number of pleasant things. One source of great excitement is the apparentRead More

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A look back, a step ahead: A welcome and a request

September 23, 2014 at 2:20 pm 0 comments

No season reminds a person of life’s constant changes quite like autumn. The first turning leaves are fluttering down and crumpling underfoot, showing that the new school year at Saint Vincent College is well underway; and as always in life, for all that is consistent and familiar, there is even more that is different. To the excitement of some and the chagrin of others, we all must continue to be different, too, to keep up with the changing world. We continue to evolve as things change over time: our relationships, our environments, our dreams. The important thing in the midst of all this change is to move past the bad changes, but to hang on to all the good ones. On such a note, I introduce Volume 62 of The Review. Many people have worked very hard over the years to get us to this point; there is so muchRead More