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APB Increases Fall Semester Events

APB Increases Fall Semester Events

October 8, 2015 at 7:00 am 0 comments

Activities Programming Board events started on Sept. 2 with “Welcome Back Wing Night.” Over 1,000 wings from the local restaurant Dino’s were severed to students. APB also had a tie-dye party where freshman were given free laundry bags with APB logos. This year, the APB leadership board has greatly increased the number of events planned for students. Chairperson Jimmy Singer fronts APB. There is also a group of team leaders including Caroline Colcombe, Maura Fitzpatrick, Carly Mazzone, Colin McLaughlin and Ashlee Zaffina. These six students plan out the events for the semester. In addition, the leadership team members each have their own teams. While team members do not plan events, they do help in various ways such as setting up events and helping with organizing. Freshman Michael DeSantis recently signed up to become a member of the APB team at the school’s annual club fair. “I like to be involvedRead More

2015 SVC Orientation a Huge Success

2015 SVC Orientation a Huge Success

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The SVC Orientation Committee implemented several new changes within their program for the 2015 school year. Adjustments were made for the Academic Weekend, the Welcome Weekend and within social programs as well. The main goal of freshmen orientation is to transition into college life. “Our goal is to make the transition into college as smooth as possible,” said Orientation Committee advisor Deanna Wicks. “Continuing the program through the first weeks of the semester allows our new students opportunities to continue to meet each other, expand their college experience and become active, engaged members of the SVC community.” Saint Vincent College’s orientation program differs from other college programs because it continues well into the school year. Upperclassmen orientation mentors, known as “bigs,” maintain contact with their freshmen “littles” throughout the entire school year. Bigs assist their littles with a wide variety of issues such has housing, classes and the adjustment toRead More

Students begin new clubs on campus

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The fall 2014 semester has brought new clubs and activities run for students by students. These groups include the Young Americans for Liberty, Engineering Club and the International Students’ Union. A chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) was started this semester by a sophomore, Kathryn Lang. Young Americans for Liberty is a pro-liberty organization with chapters in campuses all over the United States. The group is dedicated to educating students to be better leaders for the future. Lang said she started the group because she “believed it was important to bring the ideas that YAL believes [in] to Saint Vincent College.” Currently, there are 15 members in the organization, working to spread the message of YAL around campus. The Engineering Club is a club that tries to “bring the engineering community together,” according to freshman Ande Greco, the club’s president. “I also wanted to help those in engineering confirmRead More

Homecoming Weekend 2014

Homecoming Weekend 2014

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Thinking positive thoughts at SVC

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A casual glance at any news source, including this one, makes it evident that the world has a terrible, nasty habit of not being such a nice place. The world, both near and far, is rampant with great sadness and struggles from many different sources, both natural and humanly caused. But the world is a mixed bag. There are plenty of good things, too; and whenever the good things do come along, particular pleasure should be taken in grasping an appreciation of them. Life is never, ever perfect; but, during those times when, in a certain light, it seems pretty close, you’ve gotta tip your hat to those good things. It won’t replace all the bad things, but it can provide balance, hope, inspiration and a solid foundation to expand upon. Campus has lately been home to a number of pleasant things. One source of great excitement is the apparentRead More

Steps were renovated outside of Rooney Hall. (Photo by Rachel DeNino)

Campus-wide improvements made over the summer

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Over this past summer, Saint Vincent underwent campus-wide renovations by the Facility Management Office, while the Information Technology department upgraded technology for student use. A basketball court was also constructed near Saint Benedict Hall. Several sets of steps were removed and replaced around campus. FMO replaced six sets in front of Rooney Hall and two sets behind it, one set leading up to parking lot Q and another set outside of Bonaventure Hall. FMO also repaired broken concrete and installed a new railing leading from Saint Benedict Hall to the baseball field. The steps in front of Wimmer Hall were also patched up. Skyline Drive, the path from Lot A up toward Alfred Hall, had new concrete and new lighting measures installed to improve safety, and new crosswalks were painted in front of the chapel. These improvements were all funded through capital expenses. The steam line from the Carey CenterRead More

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Saint Benedict Hall security system malfunctions after storm

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The security system in Saint Benedict Hall stopped working properly after a storm on September 6. Alarms sounded continuously from several of the pods in the building. In response to the malfunction, Facility Management Office deactivated the ID scanners, which control the locking and unlocking of the doors and sound an alarm if necessary. With the scanners disconnected, the doors stopped automatically locking. “Absolutely anyone that pulled on a handle anywhere in the building could get inside without an issue,” said senior Saint Benedict Hall prefect Dani Catalano. Freshman Courtney Patterson agreed, “It was kind of weird that anyone, even non-students, [could enter] right into your pod if they wanted.” The Coordinator of Resident Life and Saint Benedict Hall Resident Hall Director Jamie Kensinger worked with the Facility Management Office and the prefects to get the security system working properly again. “All the prefects were working together to fix theRead More