Editor-in-Chief: Bridget Synan

Copy Editor: Kathryn Ordiway

Production Manager: Jimmy Singer

Business Manager: Cheyenne Dunbar

Photographer: Rachel DeNino

Videographer: Cassandra Smith

Campus News Writer: 

Campus News Writer: 

Global News Writer: 

Arts & Entertainment Writer: 

Sports Writer: 

Sports Writer: 

Faculty Moderator: Dr. Dennis McDaniel

The Review is Saint Vincent College’s student-run news source and all decisions regarding content and publishing are made by student editors. The Review, as an organization and the students who staff the paper shall not be censored or punished because of the content of the paper. In the same respect, the staff of The Review vows to serve the student body to the best of their ability and the SVC community through an honest, fair, informative, accurate newspaper and will not print libelous material. With regards to contributed, non-solicited works, The Review reserves the right to chose to accept or reject any submitted stories or letters to the editor for publication as well as the right to edit said pieces.



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