Seniors enjoy final trips before graduation


As the semester winds down to a close, every student is scrambling to get things done. This is especially true for seniors who need to make sure that they have completed every requirement necessary for graduation. With so many last minute details to take care of, it can be hard for seniors to find time to have fun and enjoy their last few weeks of college. This is where SGA steps in and offers seniors a variety of outings and trips to enjoy.

The senior class has gone on a number of exciting trips and still has a few more to look forward to as the semester ends. Some of the trips include various bowling outings, attending a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game, a white water rafting excursion, dinner at Hofbräuhaus and dinner at Steel Cactus, which was followed by attending the men’s basketball game at Chatham University.

Senior Jenn Desalvo, who went on the trip that included the Steel Cactus dinner and men’s game, said that the students in attendance were able to meet with recent SVC graduates. “We got to talk to them about their lives after school and ask questions, which I think eased some of our nerves about the future,” said Desalvo. “And then going to support the guy’s team all together was really awesome. Bearcat pride was at an all time high.”

SGA secretary and senior Jill Kegg added that the dinner at Hofbräuhaus was a lot of fun, and that she was, “excited to eat some really good food.” She had never been there but always wanted to try their menu.

The number of trips planned for this year’s senior class is the most that has ever been offered to students. SGA senior class senator Victoria Sarver attributes this to a few changes between SGA and APB. Traditionally, cotillion, SVC’s once a semester formal dance, had been run by SGA who used the cotillion as a way to raise money. However, in recent years SGA has actually lost money or broke even, so the responsibility was handed off to APB. This led to SGA passing a new amendment that gave the senior class $5,000 to spend as funding for trips to make up for no longer running cotillion.

“We don’t really mind the switch,” added Sarver. “It might even be a better arrangement. As long as cotillion still gets put on and we can plan senior trips and people have fun at both, everything works out.”

Desalvo said that she likes that the trips are off campus but still feel like home because she is with her classmates. She also noted that, “the events attract a group of people outside of your normal clique, so you get to know classmates that you may have lost touch with over the years or just never got a chance to know.”

The SGA still has a few events left for the seniors, a number of which occur during senior week. Seniors should continue to check their email frequently and watch for signs hanging in the Carey Center to stay informed of any and all upcoming trips.


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