College Cuisine: SVC Students Talk about Their Favorite Off Campus Restuarants

After weeks of Parkhurst food, sometimes it’s necessary to get off campus for a bite to eat.

A lot of the restaurants around the area are chains that students are used to seeing/eating at back home. (i.e. Taco Bell, Olive Garden, etc.)

“My favorite local restaurant is Eat N’ Park. It’s exclusive to the areas surrounding Pittsburgh, and I love it because it offers everything that I could ever want,” said sophomore communication major Hanna Crovak. “It is open 24 hours, so when my friends and I are up all night studying, we can get a really late dinner or a snack at any time during the night.”

Another well-known restaurant to SVC students and locals is Sharky’s Café, located off Route 30. It is especially a favorite of Junior Communication Major, Erika Hudock.

“I would have to say my favorite local restaurant is Sharky’s. Every time you go there you know the food is going to be great and they have such a wide variety of foods on the menu to choose from,” says Hudock.

When asked about their favorite low profile location, both Hudock and Crovak mentioned the Hotel Loyal.

“Hotel Loyal in Latrobe is without a doubt the best restaurant in Latrobe.” says Crovak. “It is small and the food is ridiculously good.”

“I would have to say Hotel Loyal is the best hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant in downtown Latrobe,” said Hudock. “Their pizza is amazing and I swear no one on this campus knows about it.”

The local community welcomes the SVC students. Not only are the students good for business, but the rapport built between the student body and faculty helps for publicity.

“I think a lot of the local restaurants try to have a good relationship with SVC students and the campus because it will attract college students like us,” said Hudock. “Obviously, college students don’t have a ton of money and I think that’s why we go to chain restaurants because you can get food for cheap, but I would much rather go to a non-chain where I know the food is quality and different.”

“These restaurants prices may be a little more, but it is worth it. And most places by showing a student ID they sometimes give discounts,” said Hudock.

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