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The Student Voice

The Student Voice

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Photo by Peter Wojtechko, Jr.

News gets around – but by print or pixel?

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     In not so new news, Saint Vincent’s student-run news source, “The Review,” has moved to an online format. If we may report on ourselves for a bit, let us say that we like to think that we are heading in the right direction. As a primarily online newspaper, we may now utilize video, more color photographs, links to more information and comments to encourage open discussion. In addition, presenting the news in pixels instead of print not only saves money but also enables the news to travel faster and farther. The content is more easily accessible, sharable, findable and searchable. In short, it is very, very able. This is why it might seem like the most prudent decision to jump ship from the sinking newsprint onto the safety of the online readership. It’s no secret that less printed newspapers are being sold these days, and that the industry isRead More

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The Players’ “All Shook Up” shakes up campus

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  The Saint Vincent College Players’ presentation of the musical “All Shook Up” over Valentine’s Day weekend marked something of a new start. It was not only the first show of a new year, but the first show held under the guidance of Saint Vincent’s new theater director, Greggory Brandt. The musical, which is a take on Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” centers around a dreary middle-American town in the 1950s, which is swiftly and appropriately shaken up by
the appearance of Chad, the roustabout
 guitarist. What follows is an energetic 
comedy of errors filled with love triangles spread across a wide ensemble cast.
The musical numbers are all familiar 
fifties tunes, with their own little flourishes and additions, which serve as sort
of a hybridization of the classic songs
along with the new format and delivery.
The whole performance was described by
stage manager Penny Lambright as “Lots
of blue suede shoes, lots of leather, lots
of fifties skirts.”Read More

Senior Emily Davis brings Saint Vincent’s unique Civil War history to life as the curator of “The Coverlet Casualty” exhibit.

Student brings Civil War history to Coverlet Gallery

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The latest exhibit in the Foster and Muriel McCarl Coverlet Gallery, “The Coverlet Casualty,” opened on Feb. 6 and will be housed there until May 20. It features pieces woven during American Civil War times, along with descriptions of their rich history. Senior Emily Davis curates the exhibit. Davis, a history and theology major with minors in medieval studies and public history from Harper’s Ferry, Va., does not normally curate exhibits in the gallery. She is curating this one because the exhibit was an opportunity offered to her due to her public history minor. “I wanted to do something to commemorate the Civil War,” Davis said. “We have a really fascinating history at Saint Vincent with the Civil War. The only chaplain killed was a monk from here.” She explained that the war destroyed the coverlet industry at the time. “There was no cotton being grown in the U.S. ItRead More

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Phineas Gage rocks SVC, supports Honor Society fundraiser

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Faculty rock band Phineas Gage played a concert in Alcuin Hall on Friday, Feb. 6. The concert was put on to support a raffle basket fundraiser organized by scholarly honor societies Tri-Beta and Psi-Chi. The band performed a set of numerous rock and roll classics, like “Jack and Diane” by John Mellencamp, “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters, “When I Come Around” by Green Day, “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, “Rocking in the Free World” by Neil Young and several more, to a sizable crowd. They even snuck a rock cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” into their set. The overall mood of the performance was light, whimsical and energetic. The majority of the songs played were upbeat and ones that most people have heard many times in their lives or are at least familiar with. Along with the fun atmosphere were several fun occurrences such as Dr. Michael Rhodes leaving hisRead More

Super Bowl ads strike up emotions, highlight issues

Super Bowl ads strike up emotions, highlight issues

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If you were one of the 114.4 million people who were chomping down on 1.25 billion chicken wings and 12.5 million pizzas on February 1, 2015 for Super Bowl XLIX, you were not only watching the biggest television event in history, you were also watching the culmination of approximately $359 million of advertising spending. This year’s Super Bowl network, NBC, asked for upward of $4.5 million per 30-second advertising slot. This year, as with past years, the advertisers pulled out all the stops. From Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” to Nationwide’s controversial “Boy,” the ads evoked all sorts of emotions and feelings. Some were funny, like the Avocados From Mexico “First Draft Ever,” and some were sad, like the aforementioned Nationwide commercial. And then you had Liam Neeson threatening revenge, striking a feeling of either fear (if you were the one on the other side of his game) or excitement for theRead More

SVC athletic trainers are employed by Laurel Highlands Health 
Center and are not legally allowed to assist club sports.

Athletic trainers legally unable to help club sports

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Students participating in club sports at SVC have encountered the situation that while athletic trainers are able to help athletes in varsity and junior varsity sports, they are legally unable to help athletes in club sports. “If a cheerleader wanted to get something wrapped,” explained junior Miranda Senchur, the current captain of the cheerleading squad, “the trainers would give us a hard time because they weren’t supposed to do that, which I felt was unfair because I filled out all the athletic forms and waivers athletes do.” Senchur found herself in this situation when her wrist was bothering her while warming up, and was unable to receive help from a trainer. In the event that a cheerleader is injured at a football game, the athlete would be deferred to the medics. The athletic trainers are not Saint Vincent faculty, but are employed by Laurel Highlands Health Center. According to BeckyRead More

Some Texas schools opt to arm in case of emergency

Some Texas schools opt to arm in case of emergency

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“I would feel safer if no one had a gun than if everyone had a gun,” stated Jimmy Farnan, a sophomore biology major at SVC. However, Farnan went on to say that “[He realizes] that totally eliminating guns from society is probably impossible.” Texas, in the aftermath of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, has passed several pieces of legislation which allow schools to readily arm themselves in order to deter, or more readily respond to, school shootings. The act, which has been deemed the “Defender Program,” allows schools to adopt a school guardian, who may be a member of local law enforcement, a member of the school police or even a teacher, to be per- mitted to carry a handgun on school grounds. So far, of the 1,024 school districts in Texas, 78 have adopted the new policy. Out of the 78 schools though, only sevenRead More

Zohra Sarwari presents her talk, “No! I am not a Terrorist!” on Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015 as the
final LEARN Lecture Series speaker.

Zohra Sarwari speaks about Islam, the world’s perception

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Zohra Sarwari, last of the speakers for the LEARN series of lectures, spoke at the Rogers Center on the subject of Islam in the modern world on Feb. 12. Her talk focused on three central topics: what terrorism is, what Islam really means and the reasoning behind the dress of Muslim women, the hijab. When speaking of terrorism, Sarwari described it in broad terms, stating that if terror- ism is an act of violence used to inspire terror, then it is not a phenomenon limited to a time, place or culture. A school shooting is terrorism, just as much as a bombing is. The question then posed by Sarwari is, “Why are we using a double standard for different faiths?” It’s a troubling question for us, especially considering media coverage of such events: acts of terrorism are linked with Muslims, while the same types of actions done by individuals ofRead More

LEARN Speakers Prize Tickets offer incentives for underclassmen for top housing tickets, seniors for graduation seating and commuters for parking spots.

LEARN lectures bring lottery chances, important messages

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This is the third consecutive year that chances to receive tickets for priority housing, graduation seating and commuter parking space have been included with the annual LEARN Speaker Series at Saint Vincent College. One of each ticket is randomly awarded at each of the four sessions of the series. Upon arriving to a lecture in the series, students are given a ticket that is entered in a raffle for each class: freshman through juniors are entered into one of three housing ticket lotteries by class, seniors are entered into the priority graduation seating lottery and commuters are entered into the parking space lottery. At the end of the event, a ticket is drawn from each individual lottery. “Hello everybody, thank you for attending the … LEARN Speaker Series,” said the student who introduced the speaker at one of the lectures, following the speaker’s talk. A moment later the student quipped,Read More