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SVC cross-country places in PAC championship, finishes season

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The Saint Vincent College men’s cross-country team won its fifth consecutive Presidents’ Athletic Conference Championship on Nov. 1. Sophomore runner Brandan Moretton took first place overall, crossing the finish line in just 26:40.4. The women’s team took third place.   In addition to Moretton’s first place finish, several Bearcats placed in the top ten. Junior Sawyer Palonder came in third place with a time of 26:52, senior Brandon Holmes earned an eighth place finish in 27:27, senior Vince Tonzo ended the race in ninth place at 27:40 and senior Eric Porter rounded out the top 10 with a finish time of 27:41. Other runners all completed the race within the top 60. SVC’s total score was 31.   In addition to the team’s PAC honors, the PAC chose Palonder as the men’s cross-country runner of the week for the week of Oct. 20.   The women’s team earned a scoreRead More

SVC follows in trend of student-made software designed for helping campuses

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One of the most stressful parts of the semester for many Saint Vincent College students is the great labyrinth known as scheduling, recently experienced here earlier this November and in late October. As they do twice each year, SVC students lined up on the portal at midnight and hoped for the best in the scramble for classes. Some got their desired schedules, others were placed on the dreaded waitlist and still more faced the “blue wheel of death,” which appears on screen as the Internet crashes from the temporarily high traffic.   Imagine, however, that there was an app or program that would help students browse and register for classes without the stress and complications of the portal. That sort of idea has become a reality at a growing number of colleges and universities nationwide, according to an Aug. 28 New York Times article.   At Rutgers University, explained theRead More

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Looking back at profits from pink of Breast Cancer Awareness month

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Breast Cancer Awareness month was founded in 1985. The iconic pink ribbon came into being in 1991, when pink ribbons were given to individuals in New York City participating in a race for breast cancer awareness. The idea for the ribbon stemmed from the red ribbon campaign for AIDS. In 1993, the ribbon became the official symbol of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Today, during the month of October, it is impossible to avoid the outpour of commercialized pink clothing produced to raise awareness for breast cancer.   Nov. 1 signified the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month, a month characterized by the nation’s best athletes adorning hot pink shoes, headbands and towels in order to show support and raise awareness for breast cancer. Spectators frequently show their support as well, donning shirts sporting pink ribbons, pink accents or phrases such as “Think Pink.”   However, the connection between purchasingRead More

SVC running continues growth, Forms new Indoor track team

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Members of running teams at Saint Vincent College will now have the opportunity to compete in events all year round. SVC currently has a cross-country team competing in the fall and a track team competing in the spring. In the winter of 2014, SVC will add an all-new indoor track team to the college’s current collegiate running teams.   Dr. Andrew Herr, head coach of both men’s cross-country and track, said, “Having an indoor track team is a great thing for the Saint Vincent track program … Having a winter track team fits in well with what we’ve been doing.” He explained, “before, we would be training during this period regardless.”   According to Herr, “Prior to this year, the team had to take part in long periods of training.” Herr also said that having an indoor track team will “provide athletes with the opportunity to compete and keep themRead More

Mexican Drug Violence Claims Student Victims abroad

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  The ongoing drug violence in Mexico produced further unrest on Nov. 9, when massive crowds of protestors shook Mexico City and even attempted to burn down the presidential palace. This protest, one of many such protests within the past two months, was related to the disappearance and murder of 43 Mexican college students at the hands of one of the drug cartels.   On Sept. 26, 43 students from a teacher’s college in the city of Iguala, located approximately 80 miles away from Mexico City, were protesting unfair hiring practices for Mexican teachers and were riding buses to their state capital to protest when they encountered a roadblock set up by local police. At the roadblock, the police opened fire on the buses, killing six students outright.   The rest, according to a Nov. 12 Vox article, on the orders of the mayor of Iguala, were rounded up byRead More

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Excela Health to host biometric screening for SVC employees

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  Excela Health will offer biometric screenings at no cost to all Saint Vincent College faculty and staff on Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014, at the Fred Rogers Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.   The “My Excela Health Check: Easy as A, B, C” biometric screening will allow all faculty and staff to answer the question, “Does your health make the grade?” through a variety of tests on-site at the Fred Rogers Center.   The full service biometric screening will consist of a glucose and lipids test, blood pressure reading, weight through body mass index (BMI) and a waist circumference. All results will be put together and attendees will receive a personalized health report card before leaving.   “Excela Health focuses on the health and well-being of the residents of Westmoreland County, including the Saint Vincent College community,” said Jennifer Miele, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at ExcelaRead More

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Mythopoeic Society talks evolving perception of nerdiness

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Society’s idea of the “nerd” has seen a revolution in the past few years. Once considered a highly derogatory social label, the term “nerd” has mostly lost its negative stereotype and has morphed into a positive characteristic. The 1984 comedy film “Revenge of the Nerds” sums up the typical image of the nerd portrayed in media. The two main characters, Lewis and Gilbert, don thick glasses, pocket protectors, suspenders, tucked-in shirts with bow ties, too-short slacks and awkward, beaming smiles. Even an English dictionary resorts to the traditional definition of the word. Merriam-Webster defines a nerd as “a person who behaves awkwardly around other people and usually has unstylish clothes, hair, etc.” Its second definition states that a nerd is “a person who is very interested in technical subjects, computers, etc.” The 2004 indie sleeper “Napoleon Dynamite” also reinforced the nerd image powerfully. Its titular character is socially awkward, funnilyRead More

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Film industry trends show emphasis on college kids’ nostalgia

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     Nostalgia is a little feeling that nests itself in most people from time to time. For those of us in the college-aged generation, that nostalgia seems to take form as fond remembrances of the ‘90s. In the past few years, kids’ movies with college as a central focus have been popping up, begging the question of whether the films are just for the little kids or if they are targeted at the “big kids” too.   The clearest demonstration of nostalgia from our age group on campus is Rooney Hall, the upperclassman residence hall, which has a ‘90s throwback theme this year. This nostalgia is also apparent online. One sometimes scrolls down on his or her Facebook or Twitter feed and sees posts encouraging a share or a retweet if “you miss the ‘90s” or “were a ‘90s kid” or “remember the good old days of ‘Hey Arnold’ andRead More

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Bearcat football breaks streak with four wins

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The Bearcat football team gained momentum this season with new coach, Ron Dolciato, who led the team to a season of four wins and six losses, with some upsets along the way. The 2014 season began with a staffing change, as Saint Vincent College welcomed new head coach Dolciato. For 27 years, Dolciato coached at John Carroll University as an assistant coach and the associate head coach and offensive coordinator. Dolciato brought to Saint Vincent a staff that had all previously coached at colleges and universities that were successful in Division III football. This staff helped the Bearcats defeat four different colleges and universities this season. The first win the Bearcats had this season was a home game against Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) on Sept. 20. The Bearcats beat Case Western 23-20. Senior Morgan Porter made a 31 yard field goal in the first quarter to give the BearcatsRead More

A flyer on a campus bulletin board advocates for suicide prevention, listing the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number.

Woman with terminal illness reintroduces assisted suicide debate

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In the wake of Brittany Maynard’s assisted suicide in Oregon on Nov. 1, Monsignor Ignacio Carrasco de Paula, a Vatican official and one of the Catholic Church’s leaders in bioethical issues, could only describe the act as “reprehensible.” Maynard’s decision to take her own life, rather than to succumb to her terminal case of brain cancer, became a hot button issue not only in Rome but on the SVC campus as well.   Across campus, the Maynard and assisted suicide issues have led to a pair of distinct camps of thought, with the division more or less resembling the pro-choice and pro-life stances on abortion. Jacob Boros, a junior and member of both the March for Life program and Respect Life Club, shared his view on the situation. “The distinction that a lot of people do not make,” said Boros, “is the decision to actively bring about one’s death andRead More