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Class of 2018 accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

Class of 2018 accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

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svcreview x Dress-Lace Store Mamalicious Loose Fit Maternity Dress

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New minors create more educational opportunities

September 26, 2014 at 2:32 am 2 comments

This semester, Saint Vincent College has added four new minors, three of which are in the criminology department. These three minors fall into three subcategories of forensics: computer security, financial investigations and natural science. The learning objectives for the forensics minors state that the “field of forensics is a growing and dynamic one” that has expanded beyond merely gathering data at crime scenes. The new minors are meant to provide students with the understanding they will need in the developing field. The forensic studies minors will give students the knowledge of specialized areas so they may work with agents and attorneys to carry out justice in these specific areas. The minors do not make the student a specialist, but provide them with a working understanding of how their specific discipline is involved in the overall criminal justice system. Students in the “forensic studies–computer security” minor must take courses in criminology,Read More

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Saint Benedict Hall security system malfunctions after storm

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The security system in Saint Benedict Hall stopped working properly after a storm on September 6. Alarms sounded continuously from several of the pods in the building. In response to the malfunction, Facility Management Office deactivated the ID scanners, which control the locking and unlocking of the doors and sound an alarm if necessary. With the scanners disconnected, the doors stopped automatically locking. “Absolutely anyone that pulled on a handle anywhere in the building could get inside without an issue,” said senior Saint Benedict Hall prefect Dani Catalano. Freshman Courtney Patterson agreed, “It was kind of weird that anyone, even non-students, [could enter] right into your pod if they wanted.” The Coordinator of Resident Life and Saint Benedict Hall Resident Hall Director Jamie Kensinger worked with the Facility Management Office and the prefects to get the security system working properly again. “All the prefects were working together to fix theRead More

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Yo-Yo Ma gives recital at SVC, receives honors

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Internationally celebrated cellist Yo-Yo Ma came to Saint Vincent College on May 23. Ma became the first recipient of the Fred Rogers Legacy Award and gave a recital in the Saint Vincent Basilica. The recital was held to raise money to support the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media through the Rogers Early Career Fellows Program and the Fred Rogers Scholars Program. The money raised from the event exceeded the initial goal of 1 million dollars. The award was created and given to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the founding of the Fred Rogers Center. “It started off: ‘how do we create an award that really represents Fred?’” said Rick Fernandes, the executive director of the Fred Rogers Center. “So it really was about the Fred Rogers Legacy Award and who represents Fred’s values and what Fred stood for, and then you start thinking, ‘okay, who isRead More

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Women’s tennis looks forward to another successful season

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After several successful seasons, the Saint Vincent women’s tennis team begins to prepare for 2014. This season, the Bearcats will be taking the court with new coach, Jym Walters. Walters was named coach of the team after former coach, Dr. Christopher McMahon, stepped down from the position last spring. In the past four seasons, the Bearcats have won 57 games and lost 22. Along with a .722 win percentage over the past four seasons, the Bearcats made their first NCAA Tournament appearance in the 2012-2013 season. Coming into the 2014 season with Walters, it is unclear exactly what to expect. According to Walters, “Continuing what the founders of the program have established has been successful thus far, and I would like to continue to build on the competitive nature of this team.” Early on in the 2014 season, the Bearcats have already shown this competitive nature Walters spoke of. TheRead More

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Former Steelers’ head coach Chuck Noll dies, SVC reacts

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In 2009, Saint Vincent College dedicated its football field in honor of the influential coach Chuck Noll. On June 13, the former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach died of natural causes at his home in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, at the age of 82. Noll served as the Steelers’ head coach from 1969 to 1991, leading the team to four Super Bowl victories. Noll currently has the most Super Bowl wins of any head coach in National Football League history. He helped the Steelers develop into one of the most accomplished and beloved franchises in the NFL. Before he served as the Steelers’ head coach, the team only saw one playoff game in 34 years, with no championship titles to their name. Under Noll, the Steelers entered the NFL playoffs 12 times, seeing eight consecutive playoff appearances from 1972-1979, with a .667 win-loss playoff percentage overall. Noll maintained a 193-148 win-loss record withRead More

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A look back, a step ahead: A welcome and a request

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No season reminds a person of life’s constant changes quite like autumn. The first turning leaves are fluttering down and crumpling underfoot, showing that the new school year at Saint Vincent College is well underway; and as always in life, for all that is consistent and familiar, there is even more that is different. To the excitement of some and the chagrin of others, we all must continue to be different, too, to keep up with the changing world. We continue to evolve as things change over time: our relationships, our environments, our dreams. The important thing in the midst of all this change is to move past the bad changes, but to hang on to all the good ones. On such a note, I introduce Volume 62 of The Review. Many people have worked very hard over the years to get us to this point; there is so muchRead More

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Cross country teams host 2014 Saint Vincent Invitational

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On Saturday, September 20, the Saint Vincent College men’s and women’s cross country teams hosted the 2014 Saint Vincent Invitational. The two separate races took place on a course behind the student parking lot. At 9:30 a.m. the men began their 8K course, competing against 16 other schools, including Geneva College, Point Park University and the University of Pittsburgh. The women’s cross country team competed in a 5K course against 17 other schools at 10:45 a.m. The men placed second to Division I University of Pittsburgh with a score of 35-38, just short of the first place position, while the women took third place in their competition. Prior to the weekend’s meet, the men’s team competed in the Duquesne Duels race, the Bethany Invitational and the SVC Alumni Race. “Duquesne is always kind of a humbling event,” said junior team captain, Sawyer Palonder, “because we’re against the Atlantic 10 Conference,Read More

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State Honors SVC with Historical Marker

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On September 9, Saint Vincent College and local officials unveiled a brand-new blue and gold Pennsylvania historical marker prominently located at the entrance to campus near Aurelius Hall. Installed by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), the marker gives readers a brief overview of the campus’ history and legacy. In addition to simply providing a historical summary, explained Saint Vincent SGA Executive Board President Justin Teets, the marker is “a physical representation which exemplifies the long-standing relationship [between SVC] and the state of Pennsylvania.” Joining Teets at the ceremony was SVC President Brother Norman Hipps, O.S.B., who further elaborated on the fruitful relationship between SVC and the state of Pennsylvania. Hipps noted how numerous state government programs aid SVC students and initiatives, and in turn how many SVC alumni contribute to the quality of life in Pennsylvania every day. Many other college and local officials attended the festivities alongsideRead More