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Seniors enjoy final trips before graduation

April 30, 2016 at 5:32 pm 0 comments

  As the semester winds down to a close, every student is scrambling to get things done. This is especially true for seniors who need to make sure that they have completed every requirement necessary for graduation. With so many last minute details to take care of, it can be hard for seniors to find time to have fun and enjoy their last few weeks of college. This is where SGA steps in and offers seniors a variety of outings and trips to enjoy. The senior class has gone on a number of exciting trips and still has a few more to look forward to as the semester ends. Some of the trips include various bowling outings, attending a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game, a white water rafting excursion, dinner at Hofbräuhaus and dinner at Steel Cactus, which was followed by attending the men’s basketball game at Chatham University. Senior JennRead More

Who Will Be Crowned the Next Mr. SVC?

Who Will Be Crowned the Next Mr. SVC?

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  This spring, another group of senior men will compete to see who will be crowned this year’s Mr. SVC at the yearly pageant and fundraiser for The Banana Project. The third annual Mr. SVC Pageant will be held at the start of Spring Family Weekend this year on Friday, April 22 at 8:30 p.m. in the Carey Performing Arts Center. The Banana Project was founded three years ago by Olivia Sharkey, who, after returning from a service trip to Guatemala established the foundation with the help of numerous other people. The project seeks to combat the malnutrition students face everyday at Francisco Coll Elementary School in Guatemala. This particular school services around 350 students from first to sixth grade that live in what is known as the Dump community, a poverty-stricken community that sustains itself by scavenging the city’s garbage dump. “This is a great event for a goodRead More

SVC students bound for med school

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This year’s seniors will soon be closing the book on their Saint Vincent College experience. However, there are a number of 2016 SVC seniors that will be beginning a new chapter of their life’s journey at a medical school. Some of the seniors that make up this group include Ben Carnahan, Vincent Centore, Michael Couser, Brett Kurpiel, Natalie Nakles, Alexis Oropallo and Alex Smaracheck. Some of these students’ interest in working in the medical field was acquired at an early age. Kurpiel, a biology major who will be attending the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine, said that he knew at the age of ten that he wanted to become a doctor. He cited a traumatic medical experience as something that increased his desire to dedicate his life to the field of medicine. Couser, a biochemistry major bound for Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, said that he has alwaysRead More

SVC Clubs Hold Spring Fling Dance for Disabled Community Members

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On April 8, Saint Vincent’s Respect Life Club and The Service Council for Exceptional Children cohosted a spring fling dance. This dance was held in the Barn at the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve. According to Hannah Galvin who helped organize the event, “The purpose [of the dance] is to encourage students with disabilities and students from Saint Vincent College to interact and have fun together.” All clubs at SVC must complete an act of service each semester. The Service Council for Exceptional Children has multiple goals in order to help individuals who suffer from disabilities. The club strives to promote awareness about the special needs of people. The club mainly focuses on students in the classroom and how to give them the best educational experience possible. The club also attempts to help others understand how to be welcoming and accepting to those who do possess varying forms of disabilities. The clubRead More

Lay Down Your Weary Tune: SVC Says Goodbye to Dr. Wissolik

Lay Down Your Weary Tune: SVC Says Goodbye to Dr. Wissolik

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This semester marks the end of a long and prominent career for SVC faculty member Dr. Richard Wissolik. After nearly 50 years as a professor at Saint Vincent College, Wissolik will be retiring at the end of this semester. On Friday, April 8, students, faculty and alumni gathered in the Fred Rogers Center to reflect on his career and the mark that he has left on the SVC community. This gathering was not a typical retirement party but rather a jovial roast where past students and friends of Wissolik came to share comical stories and enlightening moments. Wissolik has been a Professor of English at Saint Vincent College for the past 48 years. He was a Fellow of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at California State University, Long Beach and a Fellow of the Saint Vincent College Center for Northern Appalachian Studies. He is a recipient of theRead More

SVC Dining Services Team strives to accommodate and satisfy healthy eaters

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Eating healthy can be challenging for all people, but for many students, the limited options available with a meal plan may make good choices even more difficult. Students who choose ]to eat vegetarian also encounter problems. Are there enough healthy, high quality food options in the cafe? Executive Chef Daniel Keeley said that he believes that the meal offerings in the cafeteria are adequate for meeting the overall dietary needs of students at Saint Vincent College. Senior General Manager Reggie Esmi also said that the Parkhurst Dining Services Team at SVC consistently attempts to offer food that is both healthy and well-liked by the students. “We’re always looking to make sure variety is there and that the quality is especially [apparent],” said Esmi. “We’re making sure students are happy.” According to Esmi, healthy meal options are “spread out” and are found at basically every food station in the Dining Room.Read More

Toilet Paper Policy in Rooney Hall

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In Rooney Hall a new policy stating that students must sign up for toilet paper instead of automatically receiving it as before has been implemented. In the past, the Facility Management workers would simply put rolls of toilet paper outside of students’ apartment doors. Now students must sign a sheet placed on each floor stating whether they need toilet paper. There have also been cases of vandalism in the residence halls. Multiple cases of holes being punched into walls have been reported. There have also been instances of less severe forms of vandalism, such as furniture having handles ripped off, lipstick and condiment stains on doors and walls and walls having paint torn off. The toilet paper sign up is due to a surplus in the amount that students obtain and use for other activities aside from the typical implementation of it in bathrooms. Students have been using the toiletRead More

Academic Honor Societies at SVC

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While most college students know about fraternities and sororities of the Greek system, many do not know that there are academic honor societies. Saint Vincent has chapters of over a dozen of these honor societies that students can apply to join in accordance to the various individual requirements.   One of the most prominent and active honor societies on campus is Alpha Lambda Delta, a society for first year students at undergraduate universities. Students must have at least a 3.5 GPA in their first semester of college and must be in the top 20 percent of their class in order to receive an invitation to join. There is a $10 membership fee that must be paid every year to continue membership. The society hosts 260 chapters in the country and has initiated around 850,000 students since its foundation. The chapter here requires that each member earn at least 2 points aRead More

Professors face obstacles when offering core curriculum courses

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When students log into the Saint Vincent Portal to register for courses that fulfill the college’s core curriculum, they might not be aware of all the planning that goes into making certain courses available. For instance, Dr. Dennis McDaniel said that the English Department already began to prepare for the Fall 2016 semester as soon as the preliminary scheduling plan was released this semester. McDaniel stated that his department’s planning for the upcoming semester included tasks such as monitoring the courses that are on a two year rotation, working with faculty members to coordinate class times with their personal schedules and making “on-the go” provisions before submitting the final plan to the registrar. Dr. Jason King, a professor in the Theology Department, also said that he listens to the opinions of his colleagues when planning out course offerings. He said that a primary concern of his is “trying to balanceRead More

Cafe Takeout Receives Mixed Reviews

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At the beginning of the 2016 spring semester, Saint Vincent College Dining Services implemented new protocol by providing reusable plastic containers for cafeteria takeout food. This change was made in an attempt to help the environment. The program has received mixed reviews from students. The new system, which began in January, eliminated the traditional Styrofoam takeout boxes, which were kept outside the cafeteria for students getting food to go. Now, students have the option to purchase reusable plastic take out boxes. For ten dollars, a student may purchase two boxes, or one box and a voucher or two vouchers. Vouchers can be used to exchange for a box when needed, instead of carrying multiple boxes at once. Afterwards, students bring back the dirty box the next time they visit the dining hall and receive either another box or a voucher for later use. According to Reggie Esmi, Senior General ManagerRead More